Construction and industry


We offer comprehensive services in the construction sector. We carry out works in commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructural properties. We cooperate with renowned professionals, as a prerequisite for expert and quality work. Adaptation to and cooperation with a customer prior to and during construction are crucial for us, since only in this way can the work run smoothly and according to the customer’s wishes.

Our approach to a particular project is not bound to the size of a project, which means that regardless of the scope we do our work according to standards and norms that are in force in the field of construction in Europe. We are a reliable partner with confirmed references.

In the field of construction, we carry out the construction of new buildings, rehabilitation old buildings or listed buildings:

  • formwork, steel bar bending, concreting, masonry,
  • building foundations,
  • waterproofing,
  • construction of industrial, commercial, residential, infrastructural, etc. properties,
  • new buildings, adaptations, reconstructions, rehabilitations.


Top Servis has also specialized in carrying out services in the industrial domain, such as the automation of production. This very important and demanding sector requires the participation of a variety of professionals, which enables the automation of production to be carried out at the professionally highest level, in order to satisfy our customers.

We are specialized in electrical installation works linked to the automation of production, assembly of conveyor belts, assembly of robots and robot cells, all within production processes. After the completion of works in industrial facilities, we offer comprehensive services for the overhaul and repair of industrial apparatus and installations, and also comprehensive services related to the maintenance and renewal of industrial facilities.

As regards industry, we work in particular in the field of automation of production:

  • electrical installations,
  • assembly of conveyor belts,
  • assembly of robots and robot cells,
  • overhaul and repair,
  • maintenance and renewal.

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